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The Rules!!!!

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The Rules!!!!

Post by Barrier on April 28th 2018, 7:56 pm

Here are the rules of the site. Please follow them.

1: You must be 13 years old or older to join this site.
2: This site is PG-13. There's no need to swear all the time. Every once in a while is fine. This also means relationships should be kept PG-13.
3: No God-Modding. You can't control any character but yourself.
4: No Mary-Sues or Gary Stews. Not everyone is perfect.
5: No more than five accounts. Can be Cannons or OC's.
6: Don't double post! Just modify your last post if you think of something new to type.
7: Stay in character! Don't do something that your character wouldn't do. If  Wolverine doesn't cry, don't make him start balling.
8: No Character/Member can RP in more than three threads. It tends to get confusing and annoying. Beside, no real person (except Multiple Man) can be in like 15 places at once. So please keep track of how many threads you are posting in.ere are the rules of the site. Please follow them.
9: Must use a real celebrity face no stock image or amine. If you do put up a non real celebrity face the image will be taken down. And no putting up a face until you are approved.
10: You must sign up with the codename you are taking or if you have no codename you must put first and lastname  peterjohnson1999 or peterjohnson. More like Peter Johnson or Wolverine.
11: No OC family members to Canons unless okay with Staff and the person playing the canon. If there is no one playing them we ask you don't play it until we get someone playing them.
12: You must be approved before posting.  

And more can be added so please keep looking.

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