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Rebecca James// Celesta

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Rebecca James// Celesta

Post by Celesta on January 5th 2019, 3:34 pm

Name: Rebecca James
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Codename: Celesta
Country of Origin: UK
Alliance: Villian
Alignment: Villian

Parents: Richard James( deceased killed in car bombing) and Karen James (deceased)
Siblings: None
Children: None as yet
Crush/lover: No one
Sexuality: Single
Mentor: No one
Other Relatives: None

Height: 5'8
Weight: 75kg
Body Build: Slim and fit
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Face Claim: Emily Blunt

Weapons/Equipment: No weapons or equipment.


•Ice Freeze: Celesta can produce a large ice chain which freezes anything it touches. If it makes contact with human they become immobilised in a large case of ice.

•Snow Storm: Celesta can also produce a powerful snow storms at any time and any place causing world chaos. If struck in eyes by snow from this storm victim would be temporarily blinded.

•Mind control: Celesta is capable of controlling and getting into the head of her enemies with a powerful mind control which she can use when her victim is frozen from her ice freeze. Under this mind control her victims do exactly as she says.

•Ice circle: Ice circle is one of Celestas favourite powers in which she can produce circles of ice which can either produce icebergs and even when used on stone causes the floor to break and instantly freezes humans who get trapped in it.

•Snow maker: A rare power in which Celesta can produce any weapon of ice such as spears and arrows when in combat. She rarely uses this power.


•Very intelligent especially when it comes to any kind of technology and she is also wise an decipher codes of any kind.

•Expert motorcycle rider. Whilst riding a motorcycle Celesta is equipped with sunglasses which allow her to see for miles up the road.


•Skillful in hand to hand combat

•Capable of wielding weapons especially swords but chooses not too.


• Excessive use of snow storm tires and weakens Celesta

• Exposure to any heat source such as fire weakens her due to her cold temperature.

•Celesta is intelligent but the only weakness to her intelligence is the ability to be able to solve number codes due to her mathematic skills not being best and it can take her up to hours to solve them losing her valuable time.

•The use of snow maker power is very time consuming and can gain Celestas enemies advantages against her.

Personality: Rebecca is a very astute and well educated lady. She is a very impatient person and nearly always gets her way even if this involves getting into others head in order to get what she wants. Rebecca is never shy she is always speaking to new people and when she is not hunting for the Avengers she always likes to spend time at her home cooking and also reading. Anyone who met her would never think of her as a villian.When Rebecca is alone she then has a different personality she is very to herself and should never be underestimated.

History: Rebecca grew up in her family home in the city of Lincoln in Lincolnshire. She was educated at her local school especially for girls where she became highly educated especially in the art of technology. Rebecca's father was a member of the organisation Hydra who worked with his wife on several operations to try and infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D and also in Hydra's plans to gather information on the Avengers. When Rebecca was 6 her father was killed in a car bombing believed to have been set by shield agents but was never proved. The loss of her father was real hard on Rebecca as she was always with him fearing for their safety after what had happened to Rebecca's father she and her mother Karen moved to the city of San Francisco in America where Rebecca would remain all her life.

When Rebecca turned 17 she travelled with her mother to a hydra research centre to work on an icy experiment involving a captured Avenger that had been trapped in an icy container with no means of escape. As they began their work the centre was attacked by agents of Shield and the Avengers who had come to rescue their colleague causing a large explosion that killed all except Rebecca. Following the explosion the ice container shattered to pieces and huge ice particles were flying around the room and Rebecca was hit by them and they entered the skin causing her cells to all change and her body temperature dropped.

Rebecca had now changed into an icy character known as Celesta who now following this incident was bent on revenge for her mother's death and for what happened to her that day. Rebecca soon continued her parents work away from Hydra and she has been bent on plotting her revenge on Shield and it's agents for her beliefs they killed her father and mother. Before pursuing her quest to kill the Avengers and bring down shield Rebecca worked for a time being for Hydra continuing her father's work before she decided to leave Hydra and pursue the people who killed her father. Rebecca studied her father's work and she was able to find out of the hideout of the Avengers and she soon gathered intelligence and more information of a new villian who has emerged whom she believed could help her in her quest.

Appearance: Rebecca regularly appears as a lady with light and straight blonde hair yet she sometimes wears various coloured wigs to hide her identity. James has a very slim build but at the same time is very athletic. Rebecca has light blue eyes and she always wears the pendant that resembles her hydra connections. She wears a light blue top with white stripes down each side and she has blue earrings and where white boots. When she appears in the form of Celesta her personality becomes more intense and her hair is pale white and her body temperature too cold to touch. Her clothes are more pale than before but still the blue colour.

Roleplay Sample: Rebecca had just got back to her home in San Francisco and she decided to open the safe where she kept all of  a the papers related to her father's work and those he had on all of the Avengers and the Shield agents.
I analyzed the papers closely then i went over to my computer and i began creating my own file on the information i had just seen. I began to speak to myself as i typed."So father really has been busy working on finding all this information and now i know i have the name of all of you just the question of your whereabouts but i shall find out." I say to myself. I finished working on the computer and i saved all of the information on a file and returned to the table and i saw on one piece of paper that father had left a code for me containing important information.

I began deciphering the code and then i said"Well this is some interesting information indeed. There is a shield base and amongst it the expected location of two Avengers of Captain America and the Black Widow. I soon began to put the things away in the safe and began to get ready to investigate what i had found and i put on my sunglasses and mounted my Ducati motorcycle and headed for the base that my father had worked out the location of. I arrived at the S.H.I.E.L.D base only to find no one around."How curious there is definitely signs here of evidence that Shield agents and the Avengers were here yet it appears that they have moved location. Very curious i shall investigate further"

I analyze the information and try to track down locations of each member and discover some of them on a new Shield facility and plan to travel there and eliminate the Avengers. Before i set out on my new mission i wanted to look deeper into the facility and i sit at my computer and using my expertise i am able to hack into the S.H.I.E.L.D database. When i get in i find what i want to know but i also learn of a new dark force in the world that has combined together to take down the Avengers and other allies and i see a chance and soon i join the forces of evil in my plan to destroy the Avengers. Celesta using her cunning wits and intelligence to track down more recruits to join with them against the enemy. Together with this new legion the forces of evil plan to control the universe.

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Re: Rebecca James// Celesta

Post by Barrier on January 5th 2019, 4:19 pm

First thing welcome to the site. Now to the app you are missing part of it. And the personality needs to be longer. Please go back to the app and look at it. As for the face claim you just need the name. Weaknesses you need to list them and as for the powers what can she freeze I need more information. Abilities is something different than powers. Which I did put on it. And your not following the code. Please put the history in paragraphs and space them out. If it helps look at my app.


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Re: Rebecca James// Celesta

Post by Celesta on January 13th 2019, 3:47 pm

I have now followed everything you have said my lady and i hope now that my app is all okay.

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Re: Rebecca James// Celesta

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