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Diana Prince//Wonder Woman

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Diana Prince//Wonder Woman Empty Diana Prince//Wonder Woman

Post by Wonder Woman on 1/6/2019, 2:08 am

Name: Diana Prince
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Codename: Wonder Woman
Alliance: Justice League
Alignment: Hero

Parents: Zeus and Amazon Queen Hippolyta
Siblings: Donna Troy
Children: None
Crush/Lover: No one at present time
Sexuality: Single
Mentor: Queen Hippolyta
Other Relatives: Ares, and the other gods

Height: 175cm
Weight: 86kg
Body Build: Slim as Diana Prince and muscular as Wonder Woman
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Face Claim: Gal Gadot

Weapons/ Equipment: Sword and Shield. Also has a very powerful golden lasso and magical bracelets.


•Superhuman Strength: Granted to Diana by the goddess of the earth Demeter.
This power makes Diana literally as strong as the earth itself as it was given to her by Demeter and with this power she is said to be even stronger than Hercules.

•Superhuman reflexes: This power was granted to her by Hermes and it is said that Diana's reflexes are far better than that of any athlete. She has been able to with this reflexes react to a barrage of bullets from all directions at one time without harm.

•Empathy: Granted to her by the goddess Athena. The so called sight of Athena grants Diana with enhanced insight allowing her to tell the emotions of other people and what they are feeling also making her immune to Dr Pyscho's insight.

•Animal Empathy: Granted to her by the goddess Artemis this power enables Dian to be able to communicate with any type of animal and even her presence would bring an angry or raging animal to a standstill. She can also command animals too.


• Occultism
• Wisdom of Athena meaning she is very intelligent.


•Being an Amazon is an expert in hand to hand combat
•Enhanced senses.


•If you tie her bracelets together she loses all her powers
•Weak to piercing weapons such as swords and spears.


She appears as a very strong willed character who whenever challenged would never back down from a fight and she is a very intelligent member of the Justice League. Diana Prince is extremely good at hiding her true identity known only in the world for her great achievements that she is amended for and Diana is a very astute individual thanks to the power granted to her by the goddess Athena.

When in the form of Wonder Woman she posseses the beauty of the goddess Aphrodite,the wisdom of Athena, the speed of Mercury and all of the strength of Hercules. She is a demi-god and an Amazon warrior with the superior strength and agility of any man we know and she serves as a great symbol of integrity and humanity. She appears in her alias form as the young Diana Prince and wears glasses and often wears red and of a very slim build only gaining her muscular build when converting to Wonder Woman.

History: Diana was sculpted from clay as an infant on the island of Themyscira and she became the superhero Wonder Woman. Diana Prince was raised by the Amazon Queen Hippolyta and following her birth she had become the first born on the planet that had not been confirmed by god as she was forged by clay. Whilst on the island of Themyscira Diana would train alongside the Amazon and they together would teach her the skills of combat in both battle and also in the art of hand to hand combat.

Following her birth Diana was awarded by six god's and goddesses who rewarded her with vast powers of Strength, Wisdom, Speed and beauty amongst others. With these powers Diana would become Wonder Woman a powerful demi-god. Following her trading with her friends and sisters at the Amazon camp Diana would become a skillful fighter and would compete in a tournament against the will of her mother Queen Hippolyta. Diana would also be offered marriage to Zeus but she would refuse and the other gods had to deal with his wrath whilst Diana would be punished and would even fight against Ares and she would have to prove herself to Zeus.

Following her victory at the tournament Diana had earned the reward of escorting a young pilot who had crashed on their island back to America and she accepted. Diana became very close to the young pilot who was named Trevor. Whilst Diana was in America she would help the young pilot. Diana would eventually join the Justice League alongside her good friends and she would also meet all of the members of the Justice League. The combined forces in the justice league together fight to take down enemies and Wonder Woman was an intelligent and key member of the League. Diana soon became a member of the Justice League of America and she trained her young pupil Donna Troy who would go on to be the founder of the teen titans as her alter ego of Supergirl.

Appearance: Wonder woman appears as a noticeably tall character with fair skin and straight black her broad shoulders and gleaming blue eyes. She is also ageless and attractive and has a very nice frame and has a muscular build. She wear a red strapless bustier that is held up by gold brace resembling two w's. She also wears red boots and blue briefs with five white stars on them and she has a golden diadem on her forehead with a red star and she also wears silver bracelets and a golden lasso on her waist.

Roleplay Sample: Diana had just finished her work at the museum of Antiquities in Washington and she began her walk back home to her apartment in the centre of the city. As she entered her apartment she looked down to see that she was standing on a letter addressed to her and she picked it up "That is strange a letter at this time of the evening i wonder what that could be" she said as she sat down.

Diana opened the letter and read through it and saw the signature at the bottom that it was from her friend Bruce Wayne in Gotham City.
"Bruce wants to meet with me to discuss an important matter" she said to herself. Diana then gathered all of her kit and she made wah for Gotham City still wondering what Bruce wanted to talk about. She travelled to Bruce Manor where where she meets with Bruce Wayne and she spoke " I got your letter Bruce and came at once. What is the concern we have?" she says.

Bruce explains to her that for the first forces of good must combine together in order to defeat a new evil that has rose and threatens the destruction of the planet. "This certainly is a concerning matter Bruce and now i can see the importance of it. We must gather the rest of the Justice League and answer this call as we cannot afford for this evil to succeed. Together Bruce and Diana gather the rest of the Justice League and they meet with the Avengers at a designated location.

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Diana Prince//Wonder Woman Empty Re: Diana Prince//Wonder Woman

Post by Barrier on 1/6/2019, 4:43 am

Diana Prince//Wonder Woman 2wcodvc

First thing welcome to the site. Now to the app you are missing part of it. And the personality needs to be longer. Please go back to the app and look at it. As for the face claim you just need the name. Weaknesses you need to list them and as for the powers I need more information.   Which I did put on it. And your not following the code. Please put the history in paragraphs and longer. If it helps look at my app. The roleplay sample you need some speaking i need to know you can do it. Please look at my other apps.

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Diana Prince//Wonder Woman Empty Re: Diana Prince//Wonder Woman

Post by Barrier on 3/10/2019, 5:06 pm

Diana Prince//Wonder Woman 3450f2r

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Diana Prince//Wonder Woman Empty Re: Diana Prince//Wonder Woman

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