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Natalia Romanoff// Black Widow

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Natalia Romanoff// Black Widow Empty Natalia Romanoff// Black Widow

Post by Black Widow on 4/24/2019, 2:38 pm

Name: Natalia Alianovna Romanoff
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Codename: Black Widow
Country of Origin: USA
Affiliation: Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D
Alignment: Hero

Parents: Ivan Petrovich(foster father) and unknown mother deceased
Siblings: Vindiktor(alleged older brother, deceased)
Children: One daughter unknown name.
Crush/lover: No one
Mentor: No one
Other relatives: None

Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 60kg
Body build: Slim and fit
Hair colour: Long red hair formerly died black
Eye colour: Green
Face claim: Scarlett Johansson


•Costume specifications: Natalia's costume is made of a synthetic stretch fabric that has been augmented to damage including small arms fire and high temperatures. Her costumes also has microscopic suction cups allowing her to cling to and scale walls.

•Widow's line: A grappling hook with a retractable line to swing along rooftops for extra mobility.

•Black Widow gauntlets: Wrist cartridges that contain various items of the spy trade such as tear has pellets and radio transmitter.

•Natalia also has various automatic firearms and a variety of combat knives.


•Peak human strength: Natalia's physical strength is enhanced to the maximum level of female human potential allow her to lift up to 500 pounds.

•Peak human speed: Natalia's speed is enhanced to the highest peak of human potential which allows her to run at speeds of up to 36mph.

•Peak human agility: Natalia's reflexes, agility, dexterity are all enhanced to the highest level of a human being even better than that of an Olympic gold medalist.

•Peak human stamina: Natalia's musculature produces less fatigue of toxins during physical activity than ordinary humans.

•Peak mental resistance: Natalia's mind is capable of withstanding extraordinary torture and she has often been required to go undercover for Shield and she has been trained to withstand the most severe interrogation.

•Enhanced immune system: The Black Widows immune system has been enhanced which makes her immune to aging and disease too.


•Master assassin: Natalia is a highly skilled and gifted assassin. Shad had training in Russia and she has completed many missions for Shield and the KGB eliminating many enemies for them.

•Master markswoman​: Natalia is an expert and very accurate markswoman skilled in the art of sharpshooting and very gifted at knife throwing.

Master tactician: She is a very talented tactician, strategist and field commander too.

•Master seductress: Natalia is an expert in the field of seduction. She has been known to seduce men and even get them to to her bidding too.

•Master spy: She is a dangerous secret agent who is highly trained in espionage, stealth and disguise.


•Master martial artist:  Natalia is highly gifted in martial arts. Amongst those she has learnt are Judo, boxing, ninjitsu amongst others.

•Master acrobat: Natalia is an extraordinary gymnast and aerialist and acrobat too.

•Talented hacker: Natalia is an expert when it come to hacking able to hack into anything without tripping any firewalls or security systems.

•Multilingual: Natalia can speak many languages such as English, Russian, German, French, Chinese and Japanese amongst others.


•Pregnancy: Natalia's enhanced physiology means that her highly efficient immune system affects her reproductive system meaning that pregnancy is a challenge.

•Despite her skills and talents in hacking and the art of spying one thing that affects Natalia is love she has for her friends as she is close to all of them and any harm coming to them affects her gravely.


Natalia is a professional and also a very sly agent who will go to any length and manner to get a job done no matter what. She was also one of the best of all of the S.H.I.E.L.D agents that they have and has completed many missions for them and she is also a very good superhero. She has also held her own with the Avengers and she is a very good leader of the team when she gets the chance to lead them. She does not however belong with the superior group due to her working with shield but she does always try her best to assist them when she can. She is also a highly skilled spy and very intelligent hacker who is also extremely close to her friends.


Natalia Romanovs was born in Stalingrad and when she was very young she was recruited by the KGB. At a very young age Natalia was entered into an academy known as The Red Room where she was educated in the art of spy crafting and she would go on to excel herself in her studies and become one of the best assassins and students even seen. Natalia's ruthless effectiveness in later years would earn the codename of Black Widow. As a final ceremony to her training Romanov was sterilised meaning she was to focus solely on her missions and this is one thing that she would regret later in her life. Due to her expertise and her growing global threat to global security Romanoff soon appeared on S.H.I.E.L.D's radar and this would prompt director Nick Fury to send agent Clint Barton to eliminate her. Barton however disobeyed the order and seeing the skill of Natalia he puts her up for recruitment for S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Fury reluctantly agrees and Natalia soon transfers from Russia and joins the agency.

From this point she and Barton would build up a great partnership together and they would become the best of friends too and together they would do many missions all over the world. Natalia soon started going by the name of Natasha and her and Barton became so close that Barton began to tell her about his family and over the years Natalia would adopt a sort of aunt-like relationship with his children and she became a good family friend. Natalia would complete many missions for Shield and she would be a very valuable member and over the time she would help to recruit many of the Avengers such as Hulk, Captain America and Tony Stark and she would become a said valuable member of the team and she was able to act out all different role in order to recruit the Avengers and she would be part of their team but she would remain primarily as a Shield agent.


Natalia appears as a very beautiful and attractive woman of a young age with a very slim and athletic like body style and she is of average weight and height for her age. She has long red hair and blue eyes. Natalia appears wearing a black suit on which she carries various types of weapons such as swords and guns at times. The suit is black because of her name the Black Widow. Natasha has also appeared wearing many different disguises on different mission even at times colouring her hair black in order to make her a different character.

Roleplay Sample:

Natalia was with Clint Barton at a Shield facility when she is summoned by Nick Fury about a new recruiting mission. She came to see him "You wanted to see me about a new mission you have for me Sir?" she said as she approached him and she was told that she was to assassinate an important member of a Hydra operation who they had been watching for some months and was a threat to Shield and needed to be eliminated. "I shall leave immediately Sir and i shall be swift and fast to infiltrate the base and complete my mission" she said as she left to get ready and informed Clint she would be leaving for a while but she would return soon.

As the Black Widow and set out to the given location taking with her a device to communicate with Nick Fury to keep him posted on progress. As she arrived she saw her target going into an office in the building and she speaks to Nick "I have located target and i shall now infiltrate building keeping as quiet as possible and eliminate the target" she said as she creepers towards the entrance coming up behind two guards taking them out from behind and soon she had eliminated two more guards inside the building and she shortly arrived at the office and upon entering she held a gun to the Agents head "I would not try calling for help as I have eliminated your guards and now i am here to finish mission" she says as she shoots just as Hydra agent was about to grab gun from drawer. She contacts Nick "Mission accomplished target eliminated returning home"
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Natalia Romanoff// Black Widow Empty Re: Natalia Romanoff// Black Widow

Post by Barrier on 4/27/2019, 3:34 pm

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