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Clint Barton// Hawkeye

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Clint Barton// Hawkeye Empty Clint Barton// Hawkeye

Post by Hawkeye on 4/27/2019, 12:37 am

Name: Clint Frances Barton
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Codename: Hawkeye
Country of Origin: USA
Affiliation: Avengers and Shield
Alignment: Hero

Parents: Harold Barton(father, deceased) and Edith Barton(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Barney Barton(brother)
Children: None
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush/lover: No one
Mentor: Captain America
Other relatives: Brett and Mack Barton(ancestors, deceased)

Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 104kg
Body build: Muscular
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Face claim: Jeremy Tenner


•Like all the other Avengers Clint has his own Identification card.

•Ronin armour: This armour provides protection and indeed allows the user to blend in with the shadows.

•Briefly wore a suit designed by Tony Stark that protects him from bullets.

•Barton also has his own custom made bow and arrow which he uses all the time.

•Also has a katana and various types of knives.


•Peak human sight: Clint has an extraordinary eyesight with his sight being much more accurate than that of a normal human being.

•Peak human condition: Clint has exceptional bodily functions that peak that of an athlete and with this his strength and stamina amongst others are increased.

•Peak human strength: With this power Clint's physical human strength is at peak level.

•Peak human endurance: With this Barton exhibits high level pain and stress tolerance.


•Master marksman: Barton is known as the world's most accurate and skilled archer and he has been known to rival that of Bullseye as he aims to hit any target from any angle.

•Expert tactician: Barton is a highly talented strategist and field commander and has demonstrated it many times.

•Cunning fighter: Hawkeye has shown to be a very clever and skilled fighter especially with guns and bows.


•Expert acrobat: Barton is an athletic person and this is combined with natural agility and together these allow him to do various acrobatic manoeuvres.

•Master martial artist: Clint is an excellent martial artist and he was trained by Captain America himself and soon become one of the expert hand to hand combat ants.

•Trilingual: Barton is fluent in his mother tongue of English but he can also speak Italian and American sign language.


•Deafness: It is said that Clint is 80% death and that this happened after an encounter with crossfire and soon after his hearing was restored. He can however use sign language and lipread but this can lead to enemies sneaking up on him.

•Friends and family: Like most human beings Clint is very close to his family and friends and it affects him when he sees harm come to one of them.


Clint Barton is a man who dislikes authority and he also asks a lot of questions. Clint also sets out to take his chances in becoming a superhero. Clint goes to any measure necessary to get jobs done and complete mission even if this leads to other friends or colleagues having to bend the rules to get them done. Despite all his arguments he has with him Clint looks up at Captain America as his mentor.


Clint Barton was the son of Harold and Edith Barton. He grew up working in his father's butcher's shop in Waverley, Iowa alongside his brother Barney. Harold Barton was very abusive towards Clint and his brother Barney and this was even worst when he had something to drink and got drunk. Barney taught Clint how to fight and he also helped him to improve his aim. Harold's drinking would eventually cost him and his wife's lives when both died in a car accident leaving Clint and his brother as orphans. Clint and Barney were soon sent to various foster homes and they ran away from one and soon they encountered a travelling circus which they joined. During his time at the circus training Clint's relationship with his brother and with his trainer trickshot started to deteriorate.

Clint adapted his archery skills to become a star carnival attraction who was a master archer called Hawkeye and he was also known as the world greatest marksman. Clint would spend time with the circus and soon after he would see Iron Man in action and soon he decided to create a color costume of his own to emulate Iron Man and fight crime. Soon the famous Black Widow would enlist him as her partner. The pair soon became romantically involved yet Clint did not like being a criminal and soon him and Natasha enlisted to join the Avengers and over the years the two would be valuable members of the team fighting crime.


Clint Barton appears as a fairly tall character of a muscular sort of build. He has blue eyes and he also has blonde hair. Clint carries a bow and arrow which are both his own personalised design as well as having various types of knives too. He wears his own designed suit which he got idea for after seeing Iron Man in action and he designed his own which is more grey in colour although it varies.He is also a very friendly character especially around people he knows.

Roleplay Sample:

Barton arrived at the Avengers facility where he saw the woman he was romantically in love with Natasha Romanoff. He went up to her and spoke with her "Natasha it is nice to see that you have come here to this new facility as well as i was not so sure that you would come with you always on call for Shield" He said as the pair walked down the corridor to the training room where inside there was a new set of weapons they could choose from. "A lot of new weapons here but i think i shall stick to two blades and my customised bow and arrow and now i must train with them" He said as he and Natasha picked their weapons and began training. Clint took out his bow and he aimed for the target and the first arrow was released hitting the centre of the target before firing the second did exactly the same. Clint was satisfied with his performance and he turned to Natasha "These new weapons are perfect don't you agree?" He said as the pair left for the main hanger to greet the rest of the Avengers team that were just arriving at the new facility.

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Clint Barton// Hawkeye Empty Re: Clint Barton// Hawkeye

Post by Barrier on 5/4/2019, 11:56 am

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