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Sarah Anderson // Barrier

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Sarah Anderson // Barrier Empty Sarah Anderson // Barrier

Post by Barrier on 4/29/2018, 7:37 pm

Name: Sarah Michelle Anderson
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Codename: Barrier
Country of Origin: USA
Alliance: Avengers
Alignment: Hero

Parents:Jacob Anderson(deceased),Mary(Nee Smith) Anderson (deceased)
Children: None right now
Crush/Lover: None right now
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Mentor(s):Captain Amercia
Other Relatives:Adam Smith(Uncle,deceased)

Height: 5 ft 3½ in or 161 cm
Weight: 53 kg or 117 pounds
Body Build: Slim
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Face Claim:  Lily Collins

Powers: Force Field : Sarah can generate a near-indestructible, red-tinged force field around herself or other targets, which she has used defensively or, with the right help, offensively. The field does not seem to deflect things like bullets, so much as stop them. It can go as big as 30 feet.
Abilities: Hand to Hand

  • Writing
  • Drawing


  • Family
  • Magic

Personality: Sarah is a shy person, but if you are her family or friends, she a bit outgoing around them. When she's not doing homework, she's writing poetry. It helps her calm down and even clear her mind to think better. She loves fresh flowers and walking barefoot and it's often said that she is a free spirit. Her opinion on life is everyone should be nice to all does her best to be just that. She learns quick. She will do anything to save the ones who can't save themselves even if it kills her but not someone else. She is mainly a people person, and tries to get along with everyone. She loves dolls like the one her mother gave her. Plus she will give a helping hand to anyone who asks for it. But she will stop someone who is hurting someone.

History: Sarah was born in a small town in called Commerce,Georgia. The day Sarah was born her mother saw how cute. A week after she was born her mother brought her home to a little house that was down main street. She decided that day she would not let her daughter will be home schooled. She started to teach her at the age of one. She was a very happy childhood everyday she would play with her toys and with her mother. On her second birthday her mother got her a doll. On Sarah fourteen birthday she asked her mother why she couldn't play with kids her age. Her mother let her outside and Sarah started to play with other kids. When her powers started to show and it was her mother's worse fear.

The next day men from the government came to take Sarah away. But her mother stood up to the men and told them that she was planning to take Sarah to a place where she can control her power the men told the mother that they will be back in one month if she doesn't do as she was telling them. Than they left the home. Sarah came out of hiding. Her thought about her brother Jacob could find a place for Sarah. Then that night her mother got sick. And her mother made a called her brother in New York City.

And asked him to watch over Sarah until she was to feel better. she was to feel better. Her uncle agreed and the next day. Sarah was sent of to  New York City to live with her uncle for the time being. Sarah kept her homeschooling due to her uncle being a teacher. Sarah talked to her mother everyday. She even made friends in  New York City. One day while in  New York City a gun fight went out. And a shield went up around her and a mother with her children and the bullets bounced off the shield as her hand held it up.. And the bullets flew and hit her uncle killing him and she didn't know he was there. She had no place to go until someone from the Avengers found her.

Appearance:Sarah Anderson // Barrier 7363-2

Roleplay Sample: One day while in New York City a gun fight went out with a cop and gunman. And a shield went up around her and a mother with her children and the bullets bounced off the shield as her hand held it up. She looked around as people was running from the bullets flying around. She moved with the mother and her children to get them to safety. She walked out into the street and quickly had her force field up around her and started to walk to a  couple of kids and let her force field down and quickly put it up around the kids. She feared for people not in her force field life. "You need to move with me everything will be okay." She said as the kids nodded their heads and walked with her to a safe place.

She let the force field down so the kids could leave it. She step out into the street as bullets went flying passed her. She put her force field  went up around her as she walked to the gunman. She was going to stop him the best way she could. She was hopping that she was not alone in stopping the gunman. As she was walking she saw a cop on the ground bleeding. She quickly put her force field down and ran to the cop putting the force field up around the cop. "Everything will be fine I will get you help." She said to the cop that slowly nodded his head. She looked around hopping someone else was here to help. She could not leave the cop alone on the street with the gunman shooting up the place.

She slowly walked away from the cop as her force filed went bigger she was about ten feet away from the cop and she stopped. "I wonder how far I can go be not taking a chance." She said to herself as she looked over at the cop than back to the gunman. She than saw other cop so she quickly moved  to the cop and let the force field down and put it up when the other cop made it to his fallen fellow cop. She moved from them about ten feet and stopped watching them and the gunman. Her force field was a red color but she was able to see out of it and they can see inside the force field.

She didn't know looked big how much longer she could hold the force field. She saw something from a far it looked big. It went flying over her head and the gunman took off running scared from whatever that thing was. Sarah dropped her force field as the EMT's came running up taking care of the cop on the ground. Sarah took off running off after the thing wanted to know what it was and help the people who might need help that could not help them self's  She turned the corner watching from a far closely.

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