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Samuel Wilson// Falcon

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Samuel Wilson// Falcon Empty Samuel Wilson// Falcon

Post by Falcon on 5/2/2019, 3:46 pm

Name: Samuel Thomas Wilson
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Codename: Falcon
Country of Origin: USA
Affiliation: Avengers
Alignment: Good

Parents: Paul Wilson(father, deceased) and Darlene Wilson(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Sarah Wilson-Casper(sister) and Gideon Wilson (brother)
Children: None
Crush/lover: No one
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Mentor: No one
Other relatives: Jim Wilson(nephew, deceased), Jody Casper(nephew), Mr Wilson(brother-in-law) and Mrs Casper(sister-in-law)

Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 109kg
Body build: Muscular
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Face claim: Anthony Mackie


•Falcon carries a pistol with him which he uses in battle mainly.

•Cable claws: Falcon has a type of grappling hook which is located inside one of his gauntlets and can be extracted out.

•Like all other Avengers Falcon also had the Avengers identification card.

•Cybernetic implant: Sam has an implant that is in his brain which allows him to see and enhance his ability to see what a bird sees.

•Falcon wings: Sam has a pair of glider wings which are what allow him to fly at great speeds of up to 250mph and the Black Panther gifted him new wings too.


•Avian telepathy: Sam was given the ability to telepathically links with birds by the Red Skull and this power is most effective when in company of other bird creatures such as Redwing.

•Peak human strength: After years of extensive training Sam's strength is at the peak of human condition and ability. With this he has indeed been known to break tough steel chains and send enemies flying with just one kick.

•Peak human endurance: Sam posseses exceptional tolerance to physical pain. He continued despite being chest stabbed once and has also been known to continue despite being set on fire too.


•Leadership: Sam has been known to be a very good leader and he has lead a team of Shield super agents with great tactics and strategy.

•Expert shield fighter: Sam has been known to be very proficient with the use of Captain America's shield and at times has been known to hit many targets through the air with pinpoint accuracy.

•Master aerialist and flight: Sam is an extraordinary aerialist and flight due to his training with Captain America and thanks to his own experimentations too. He is one of the best aerial fighters in the world exceeding the talents of Iron Man and Ms Marvel.


•Master acrobat: Sam underwent rigourous training in gymnastics and acrobatics with Captain America and became an expert in both.

•Master martial artist: Sam was trained in karate by Captain America as well as many other forms of Martial arts making him one of the most dangerous fighters in the world.


•Removing the wings on the Falcon eliminates any chance of flight that he has meaning he is vulnerable to only fight on ground.

•Like all other humans without his power given to him by the Red Skull he is a vulnerable human being with just basic fighting skills.


Samuel is a superhero who loves birds. As a child he was friendly and joyful to people especially when it came to birds. After the death of his parents Samuel used to be very vengeful and angry. After meeting Captain America and Redwing however he is a different person more happy and always offers a helping hand. He became very courageous and became known as the Falcon.


Samuel Wilson grew up in a tough Harlem neighbourhood. When Sam was nine years old his father Paul Wilson who was a minister had been killed whilst trying to stop a fight between two rival gangs. Some years later whilst trying to protect her children his mother Darlene Wilson was murdered by a mugger. Sam tried very hard to do his best to do the right thing but all the grief he had eventually led him down the criminal path. Whilst working for the mob he took the name of snap Wilson. Following an assignment whilst on his way to Rio De Janeiro, Sam's plane crashed on a remote island in the Caribbean where the Red Skull and his men were hiding out.

Seeing this happen the Red Skull sought this an an opportunity to use Wilson as a pawn attack on Captain America who was also on the island. Red Skull used a device called the Cosmic Cube to revert Wilson back to himself and with it granted him telepathic powers which allowed him to communicate with birds. After an initial skirmish Captain America was able to free Samples from Red Skull's programming and the two of them together defeated the Skull and Falcon became Captain America's partner for a very long time. It was later revealed that the snap character had been a Red Skull creation and had used Wilson and that he had not been a criminal at all. Wilson would receive help from the Black Panther who would give him a harness which allowed him to fly. Samuel Wilson would go on to be a valuable member of the Avengers team and he would also lead a Shield team of Super agents. Following Captain America death he assumed the role of Captain America and became very handy with a sword.


Samuel appears as quite a tall character and at the same time he is muscular. He is the first black superhero to join the Avengers. He has black hair and brown eyes. The Falcon's costume is mainly red in colour but there are also touches of black on it. He sometimes appears wearing goggles which give him powers and he also has a pair of gauntlets and on his back he has gliding wings which are silver that allow him flight. Falcon has also appeared in the Captain America suit and with his weapons following the Captain's death.

Roleplay Sample:

Falcon and Captain America had travelled together to the location of the Red Skull as they wanted to eliminate his plans to build an army of robots to help defeat America. "Together we should be able to defeat him Captain but we will have to be careful. I will distract them whilst you get the plans" Sam says as they reached the facility. Red Skull was in front of a screen preparing his formula for the army when the two arrived and a fight soon broke out between them. Sam seeing the guards coming towards them knew he had to act. "Looks like i am going to have to fly to avoid these bullets" He said as he took off and avoided all bullets coming at him.

After a while the pair were able to first defeat the guards then together they joined on the ground and battled the Red Skull and eventually they were able to defeat him and they soon gathered the plans they had come for. "Mission accomplished Captain we did well and we have the plans you are a great friend and now we must leave before this place blows" Sam says as the place begins to sparks from all shots fired and Falcon seeing his friend injured took hold of Captain America and he opened his wings and lifted himself and Captain America out of the building as it blew and they were soon well out of danger.

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Samuel Wilson// Falcon Empty Re: Samuel Wilson// Falcon

Post by Barrier on 5/11/2019, 6:04 pm

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