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Post by Barrier on 4/29/2018, 8:20 pm

This would happen to be the Face Claim list for The Forsaken Generation. Please make sure to not only check and see if the playby you seek is being used, but also remember to post after you're accepted. If you forget to post, and somebody else applies and claims the picture base they WILL receive it.


Adams, Amy - Lois Lane
Affleck,Ben - Bruce 'Batman' Wayne
Ackles,Jensen - Jason 'Red Hood' Todd


Bernthal, Jon - Frank 'Punisher' Castle
Berry, Halle - Ororo 'Storm' Munroe
Blunt, Emily - Rebecca 'Celesta' James
Boseman ,Chadwick - T'Challa 'Black Panther'
Borth, Michelle - Mary 'Mary Marvel' Batson
Brolin,Josh - Thanoseid


Cavill,Henry - Clark 'Superman/Kal-El' Kent
Collins, Lilly - Sarah 'Barrier' Anderson
Colter, Mike - Luke Cage
Cox, Charlie - Matthew 'Daredevil' Murdock
Croft, Teagan - Rachel 'Raven' Roth
Crowe, Russell - Stuart 'Agent Case' Case


Delevigne, Cara - June 'The Enchantress' Moone
Diop, Anna -   Kory 'Koriand'r /Starfire'Anders
Downey Jr. , Robert - Tony 'Iron Man' Stark


Efron, Zac - character's first name 'Red Nightwing' last name
Edwinson, Hanna - Grace  'Wind Lass' Guthrie
Elba,Idris - Heimdall
Eisenberg, Jesse - Lex Luthor
Evans,Chris- Steve 'Captain America' Rogers


Fox, Emilia - Stacy 'Black Viper' Clark
Fulton, Grace -Mary 'Mary Marvel' Batson


Gadot,Gal - Diana 'Wonder Woman' Prince
Gregg,Clark -  Phil Coulson
Gustin, Grant - character's first name 'Blue Blur' last name


Hardy, Tom - Dorrance 'Bane'
Hathaway, Anne - Selina 'Catwoman' Kyle
Heard, Amber - Stephanie 'America Dream' Rogers/ Mera
Holland, Tom - Peter 'Spider-Man' Parker

Irons., Jeremy - Alfred Pennyworth


Jackman,Hugh - Logan 'Wolverine' Howlett
Jaskson,Samuel L. -  Nick Fury
Jordan B, Michael - Johnny 'The Human Torch' Storm
Johansson, Scarlett - Natalia  'Black Widow' Romanoff


Kenny, Tom - Patrick 'Plastic Man' O'Brian
Khodchenkova, Svetlana - Ophelia 'Viper' Sarkissian
Kunis, Mila - Kayla 'Katania' Dimitrovakis


Larson, Brie - Carol 'Captain Marvel' Danvers
Lawrence, Jennifer - Blair 'Mockingjay' Wayne
Leto, Jared - Joker 'The Joker'
Loitz, Caity - Sara 'White Canary' Lance


Mackie, Anthony - Samuel 'Falcon' Wilson
McGrath, Katie - Zatanna 'Zatanna' Zatara
McKellen,Ian - Max 'Magneto' Eisenhardt
McNamara,Katherine - Elizabeth 'Red Robyn' Sullivan
Miller,Erza -Barry 'Flash'Allen
Momoa,Jason - Arthur 'Aquaman' Curry


Nielsen, Connie - Hippolyta 'Hippolyta'


Potter,Ryan - Garfield "Gar" 'Beast Boy' Logan



Renner ,Jeremy - Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton
Reynolds, Ryan - Hal 'Green Lantern'Jordan/ Wade 'Deapool' Wilson
Ritter, Krysten - Jessica Jones
Robbie, Margot - Harleen 'Harley Quinn' Quinzel
Ruffalo, Mark - Bruce 'Hulk' Banner
Ryan, Matt - John Constantine


Simmons, J.K. - James Gordon
Strong,Mark - Aidan Pearce


Theron, Charlize - Amora 'Amora'
Thurman, Uma - Pamela 'Poison Ivy' Isley
Thwaites,Brenton - Richard"Dick" 'Nightwing' Grayson




Watson, Emma - Chloe 'Elemental' Chase
Weisz, Rachel - Elena 'Seraphine' Siniakova



Yung, Élodie - Elektra 'Elektra' Natchios


For guys:
[code][color=blue]Celeb's last name, firstname - character's first name 'codename' last name[/color][/code]

For Ladies:
[code][color=deeppink]Celeb's last name, firstname - character's first name 'codename' last name[/color][/code]

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