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Xavier Institute Classroom

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Xavier Institute Classroom Empty Xavier Institute Classroom

Post by Storm on 5/20/2019, 3:33 pm

Storm had recently returned to the Xavier institute and when she arrived she was informed of a new recruit who had arrived wanting to learn more about how to use her powers and Storm had been assigned to teach her today. She travelled to the classroom and as she entered she saw the young girl sat down at a table waiting patiently. Storm entered the room and went up to the main desk and looked at the girl. "Good morning my name is Storm and today I am here to teach you about how to use your powers and how to control them. I am told you are very special and that you are to be taught alone" She said to the young girl who sat at the desk. "I am told that your name is Elemental and that you have the powers of the elements is that correct?" Storm asked her.

Before waiting to here the girls reply Storm began to write down some key things on the board about use of powers. "I would like you to copy these down and they will be very useful to you. The first part of learning how to use your powers involves understanding them and these terms will i think help you with that." She said seeing the young girl write them down. "Following this first part of learning about your powers would come a practice in the training you and build you up ready for any battle. I hope my teaching and that of my colleagues will help you" She said to her.

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Xavier Institute Classroom Empty Re: Xavier Institute Classroom

Post by Elemental on 5/20/2019, 11:55 pm

Elemental had arrived at the Xavier Institute and she had come here to learn more about her powers as at the moment she struggled to control them properly and at times they became erratic. She had been shown through to a classroom where she was told someone would be in shortly. Elemental sat there patiently at the desk when Storm came in and Chloe replied to her. "Good morning Storm I am honoured to meet you and I want to say first of all I am Elemental yes that is correct but please call me Chloe" She said to Storm as she got out her books and writing pad and placed them on the desk. As Storm explained what she was to teach her today that was when Chloe spoke again. "I am looking forward to learning more about how to use and control my powers and that is one of the reasons why I came here to the institute because at the moment I struggle to contain my powers." She said to Storm.

Storm began to write some basic and important points on the board and Chloe immediately started to copy them down in her notepad. "I shall be happy to learn all but I do warn you Storm at first I may not be able to control my powers" She said as Storm mentioned all that would be involved. "I know that with your guidance and that of the other members of the X-men I will fully learn how to control and use my powers and come training I shall follow your instructions as I am always happy to learn new things" She said as Storm smiled feeling this girl is a quick learner.

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Xavier Institute Classroom Empty Re: Xavier Institute Classroom

Post by Storm on 5/31/2019, 2:14 pm

Storm listened as the young girl spoke. Seeing how keen she was to learn Storm began to write on the board more details about controlling powers.
"I was exactly the same as you Chloe when I first learnt about my powers I had trouble controlling them but I just following instructions and after a while it became much easier. Storm said to her as Chloe mentioned about the possibility of having loose powers. Storm looked over at Chloe as she wrote things down. "One thing I must ask you Chloe how long have you known about your powers and when did they first occur?" She asked her as she knew this would be an important part to helping Chloe.

Storm soon began to tell Chloe about what was involved with training. "During training sessions Chloe, myself and the other assigned experienced members of the team will not only help you to learn how to use your powers but also to guide you and help you become a good fighter in case your powers fail at any time as we always need a backup plan." Storm said noticing Chloe's ring and pendant she had been told about.
"Before you arrived here I was presented with your file that Charles gave me and it appears that your powers are contained within your pendant and ring am I correct? It also states that when they occur that you do not know how to stop or control it and that is why you have e come here correct?" Storm asked as she read through Chloe's file once more before looking up at her. "From reading through this file about the incidents you have had I can now see why Charles wanted you to be taught alone as your powers do seem very erratic at times but do not worry we shall help you to learn for that is why you are here". Storm said to her whilst continuing to read through the file.

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Xavier Institute Classroom Empty Re: Xavier Institute Classroom

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