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Bruce Banner// Hulk

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Bruce Banner// Hulk Empty Bruce Banner// Hulk

Post by Hulk on 5/20/2019, 4:00 pm

Name: Robert Bruce Banner
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Codename: Hulk
Country of Origin: USA
Affiliation: Former ally of Hydra, Avengers
Alignment: Hero

Parents: Brian Banner(father, deceased) and Rebecca Banner(mother, deceased)
Siblings: None
Children: Lyra(daughter), Hiro-Kala(son), Skaar(son), Camilla Black(possible daughter) and Bruce Willis Sylvester Chan(possible son)
Crush/lover: No one
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Mentor: No one
Other relatives: Susan Drake Banner(paternal aunt, possibly deceased), Elaine Banner Walters (paternal aunt(deceased), Morris Walters(uncle by marriage), Betty Ross(first wife, estranged), Caiera(second wife, deceased), Jennifer Walters (paternal cousin)

Height: 5ft 10in as Bruce Banner, The Hulk has been known to be various heights but is usually same height as Bruce Banner.
Weight: 58kg as Bruce Banner, the exact weight of the Hulk itself is not known but his weight can vary.
Body build: Very heavy and very muscular as Hulk.
Hair colour: Brown as Bruce Banner and usually black as Hulk.
Eye colour: Brown as Bruce Banner and green as the Hulk
Face claim: Mark Ruffalo


•Avengers identicard: Like all other members of the Avengers team Bruce Banner also has his own identification card.

•Old power taser: Banner has a stun gun built combining old strong powers in conjunction with Gamma rays

•Gun: Bruce also has a handheld electrode discharging pistol which could be used against opponents and paralyze them.

•Banner tech satchel: Bruce has a satchel which acts as a pocket teleportation device allowing him to put his hand in the bag and grab things from his lab.


•Gamma radiation physiology: Due to Bruce Banner being exposed to Gamma radiation after a bomb explosion and his capacity to change into a monster makes the incredible Hulk one of the strongest and most resilient super heroes in the world with limitless strengths.

•Unlimited strength: The Hulk possesses capacity to produce limitless physical strength.

•Superhuman leaping: With this the Hulk is able to use his highly developed leg muscles allowing his to leap great distances and even further when enraged.

•Superhuman stamina: The Hulk body is capable of counteracting poisons and toxins that build up in his body during physical activities.

•Regenerative healing factor: The Hulk has extremely high resistance to physical harm but despite this he can still be harmed but his body is able to quickly heal the body at greater speeds than an average human.

•Decelerated aging: For all intents and purposes the Hulk lives indefinitely. Thanks to his healing factor and the gamma rays the Hulk has a prolonged lifespan.

•Superhuman speed: Regardless of his size the huge muscles in Hulks legs allow him to run at incredible speeds much faster than an average human being.

•Telepathic immunity: Hulk has demonstrated on many occasions his resistance to phschic attacks.


•Self restraint: When Banner is the Hulk he is able to limit and influence the Hulk behaviour to an extent.

•Super genius intellect: Doctor Bruce Banner is an intelligent man in nuclear physics, possessing a mind so brilliant that it cannot be measured by any known intelligence test.


•Master combatant: The Hulk is a very highly skilled warrior demonstrating great intuition in battle.

•Multilingual: Banner can speak English, Austria-Hungarian and learnt Russian whilst getting his PHD.


•Radiation bombardment: Hulk was vulnerable in the past to a radiation bombardment and even at times he was transformed back into Banner.

•Adamantium and Vibratium blades: These blades have been shown to be able to pierce the Hulks skin and even the blades of Wolverine and Black​ Panther can also pierce it.

•Toxic substances: Hulk was once injected with a powerful toxin that was capable of counteracting his healing factor.

•Strength increasing factor: Usually after immediately transforming into the Hulk, he does not get his full strength and it takes a while to develop properly making him vulnerable.

•Extreme conditions: The Hulk can be hurt or killed by individuals with the same levels of power as himself.


As a child Banner suffered from severe trauma that had been inflicted on him by his father and this would affect his personality. Banner is a man with a very complex mind. Banner is often trying to hide his emotional damage which results in isolation. He is also pursued by the destruction that Hulk causes which affects his lifestyle even further. Despite this however Bruce is a self sacrificing and heroic person. He is also one of the most brilliant minds on Earth. Hi constantly undertakes his career as a superhero whilst continuing to find a cure for his condition. For a time he acted in consonance with his Hulk persona giving it a purpose. He has also stated that Hulks reasoning and intelligence tend to fluctuate depending on state of transformation.


Robert Bruce Banner is the son of Dr Brian Banner an atomic physicist and his wife Rebecca. Although Rebecca deeply loved Bruce and he also returned he affection, Brian Banner hated his son. Brian had never wanted any children because of what had happened to him and his sisters. Brian was an alcoholic and he was insane and he was driven by an insane jealousy of how much Rebecca loved her son. Brian Banner believed that his work had in some way altered his DNA and in doing so felt he had a mutant son. From this point on Bruce was abused by his father but one of the people who helped him through it was his cousin Jennifer Walters who Bruce spent summers with going to libraries.

Bruce's life reached a turning point when his father murdered his mother and he was placed in a mental hospital to separate him from his father. Following this Bruce was raised by his aunt Susan and he went to live with her and she was one person who understood exactly what he was going through. Susan raised Bruce as if he were her own son and following what had happened to Rebecca, Susan was Ted nothing to do with her brother. Bruce went on to study at Science High School and after graduating there he went on to study nuclear physics at Navapo in New Mexico and was a star student of the professor there. Bruce would go on to gain his doctorate in nuclear physics at Caltech University.

Eventually Bruce now a master genius in nuclear physics. Banner now wanted to pursue further branches of science but he was unable to get the funding needing and so seeing no further options Banner went on to join the United States Defence Department where he was part of the nuclear research team based in New Mexico. He Banner would meet General Thaddeus Ross. Soon after this Bruce would meet the general daughter Betty and the pair shortly after fell in love. Bruce would go on to help create the Gamma Bomb but it would have devastating consequences for him. Banner was present at the test site where the Gamma Bomb was going to be detonated and Bruce was there with his colleague and ordered for detonation to be delayed whilst he got everyone to safety but his colleague did nothing detonating the bomb and Bruce unable to escape was exposed to severe Gamma radiation waves.


Bruce Banner appears as a highly intelligent scientist and he has brown hair and he is of an average build and a medium height. He has brown eyes too. When appearing as the Hulk, Bruce Banner becomes much taller in height and his body is very muscular. He has very tough green skin and his hair is black and he has green eyes. Hulk always appears only wearing ripped clothes. Hulk is also extremely heaving and has very tough skin.

Roleplay Sample:

Bruce Banner was experimenting on some new research work when his girlfriend Betty Ross had come to see him. Seeing Betty his glanced over at her and spoke. "Betty what are you doing here? I thought you were going away for a few days" He said and she soon replied informing him that she had to postpone trip. Bruce seeing Betty interest in his work explained to her what he was doing. "This here Betty is my latest test to try and cure this horrible state i have" He said testing it out on himself and to no avail.

Disappointed at his failed attempt Bruce and Betty left the lab only to soon find themselves in the hands of the Generals who wanted the formula to Bruce's latest test. "Why would you want a formula that is no use" Bruce said but the generals did not care and they began entering the lab and destroying all his work. Bruce began to get angry and soon felt the rage inside him and shortly after transformed into the Hulk and attacked the generals. He soon escaped from their fire and fled off into the distant woods where he shortly transformed back into Bruce. "I must find a cure for this beast" He said to himself. Once he has calmed down properly Bruce wrote a letter to Betty. "Betty forgive my absence from you but i am desperate now to find a cure for myself and I do hope to return to see you soon. Your Bruce" He wrote as he put on some new trousers and a shirt.

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Bruce Banner// Hulk Empty Re: Bruce Banner// Hulk

Post by Barrier on 5/24/2019, 8:33 pm

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