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Joker//The Joker

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Joker//The Joker Empty Joker//The Joker

Post by Joker on 5/23/2019, 3:03 pm

Name: Unknown
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Codename: The Joker
Country of Origin: USA
Affiliation: Injustice League, League of villainy, red hood gang, Joker league of anarchy
Alignment: Villain

Parents: Unknown father and unknown mother
Siblings: None
Children: Lonnie Machin(possible son) unborn son(deceased)
Crush/lover: Harley Quinn(girlfriend)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Mentor: No one
Other relatives: Jeannie (possible wife, deceased), Melvin Reipan(cousin, deceased)

Height: 6ft 5in
Weight: 87kg
Body build: Slim
Hair colour: Green
Eye colour: Grey
Face claim: Jared Leto


•Joker venom: This is a deadly toxic which infected the Joker's victims with a ghoulish horrible grin whilst they laughed repeatedly to death.

•Joker teeth: These are a common piece of equipment used by the Joker. He often uses these teeth to mock the Dark Knight and his allies.

•Various Joker gadgets: He has various types of weaponry such as guns and he also possess a set of razor sharp playing cards.

•Jokers joy buzzer: The Joker often used a novelty joy buzzer that was attached to the palm of his hand releasing a lethal dose of electricity into anyone it came into contact with.

•Explosives: Joker is an expert bomb maker and he even bought nuclear weapons. Amongst the explosives he uses are time bombs and grenades.


The Joker has no actual powers he just has talents and abilities.


•Unique physiology: Due to his chemical submergence the Joker can gain advantages over humans.

•Pain resistance: The Joker's exposure to chemicals has been believed to have heightened his resistance to pain.

•Genius level intellect: The Joker is highly skilled in the art of explosives and he is highly intelligent in the field of chemistry too.

•Gadgetry: The Joker uses various types of gadgets to commit relentless crimes.

•Intimidation: The Joker is very adept and has been known to torture his victims endlessly.


•Disguise: The Joker is good at disguising himself.

•Hand to hand combat: The Joker is moderately skilled when it comes to hand to hand combat usually weaker than most of his opponents but much more agile.

•The Joker can drive a car too.


•Mental illness: The Joker suffers from mental conditions which at times make him do dangerous things and his mind goes elsewhere.

•Being human the Joker is also weak against any sharp like objects such as bullets, knives amongst others as he is a human.


The Joker is portrayed as a homicidal, physcopatic, sadistical, lunatic and maniacal and intelligent master criminal who wants nothing but chaos and anarchy wherever he goes and he really else in the suffering of others. The Joker is often give a high pitched, comical over the top voice. He has a very malevolent and sadistical sense of humour and his enjoyment in murdering people make him Batman's greatest foe. The Joker is a genius but prefers to use his intelligence with deadly schemes in Gotham. The Joker is always depicted as a man who cares for no one but himself and he will do whatever he wants to ensure Batman is hurt in some way. His crazy mind makes him very deadly. The Joker is a master at planning attacks with his great intelligence.


The Joker is a homicidal maniac and the archenemy of Batman. The accounts of the Joker origins are varied and numerous. The most common being that he fell into a pit of chemicals which bleaching his skin white and turning his hair green with an insane red smile. This was said to have happened during a clash with Batman at a chemical processing plant and it was believed he tripped and fell into the chemicals. Many believe this affected his mental state making him insane. The actions of the Joker between this accident and when he first appeared as the Joker is unknown but his return to Gotham was spectacular declaring on TV his would public kill someone that night at midnight.

Despite all the security trying to prevent this the Joker was still able to kill his victim and in doing so nearly contaminated the entire water supply of Gotham with poison if it wasn't for Batman who was able to stop him. Following his defeat by Batman the Joker would be incarcerated in Arkham Asylum but his incarceration would not last long as he continuosly managed to escape and despite all efforts to contain him he would escape. The Joker would go on to clash with Batman many times and he decided the best way to get at Batman was to attack his family. The Joker along with his beloved Harley Quinn would commit crime in Gotham and the Joker even shot Batgirl and he also captured and tortured Robin with Harley Quinn dealing him the killing blow. The Joker would be Batman's deadliest for and he would even called himself the King of Gotham and would go on to form his own gang and wreck chaos across Gotham. Batman would face a tough time fighting his arch enemy as outwitting him was highly difficult.


The Joker appears as a very tall character. He appears a very intelligent criminal and his is highly recognisable due to his white face, green hair and crazy red smile due to his accident. The Joker is nearly always seen wearing a purple jacket with matching trousers and has a chain around his neck. The Joker is also seen carrying various weapons on his person and other smaller gadgets that he uses for master plans.

Roleplay Sample:

The Joker was in his base with Harley Quinn after freeing her from the Asylum and he was planning another attack on Batman's family. "Harley my dear soon we shall captured Batman's dear friends and family and ruin him and get our revenge on him" He said to Harley as the pair planned their next criminal attack in Gotham. The Joker looked across at Harley Quinn. "We shall go after Batman's beloved Batgirl and capture her to get to him." He said smiling.

The pair set out onto the streets of Gotham once more and together they began causing chaos and this was what they wanted to get Batman involved. "This should get Batman's attention Harley now with it we can capture Batgirl" He said to Harley as they both saw Batman approaching and as he approached The Joker sent Harley after Batgirl distracting Batman and later Harley successfully captured Batgirl. They returned to base after the Joker had a battle with Batman and tortured her and then the Joker not caring what he was doing shot Batgirl and knowing it would hurt Batman. "This will really affect him Harley but that is great. You have done well" He said smiling.

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Post by Barrier on 5/26/2019, 9:07 am

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