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Cletus Cassidy// Carnage

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Cletus Cassidy// Carnage Empty Cletus Cassidy// Carnage

Post by Carnage on 5/29/2019, 12:12 am

Name: Cletus Cassidy
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Codename: Carnage
Country of Origin: USA
Affiliation: Partner of Venom, Hive, Villain
Alignment: Villain

Parents: Roscoe Cassidy(father, deceased) and Louise Cassidy(mother, deceased)
Siblings: None
Children: None
Crush/lover: None
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Mentor: No one
Other relatives: Only symbiotes

Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: 86kg
Body build: Muscular
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Green
Face claim: Alexander Skarsgard


•Cletus has his own symbiote suit that is red in colour very similar to that of venom.

•Cletus as Carnage has powerful fangs and claws and also can create weapons in his symbiote form.


•Superhuman strength: Carnage is superhumanly strong and has shown himself to be able to lift 80 tons and is stronger than Venom and Spider-Man combined.

•Superhuman speed: Carnage can run at speeds that are superior to that of any human being.

•Superhuman agility: Carnage has enhanced agility and bodily coordination to levels that are superior to that of the finest human athlete.

•Superhuman reflexes: Carnage's reflexes are also enhanced to levels higher that those of the finest human athletes and even superior to Spider-Man.

•Regenerative healing factor: Whilst able go injure the symbiote of Cletus, Carnage I'd able to quickly re generate bodily tissues at quick speeds.


•Wall Crawling: Carnage just like Spiderman is capable of climbing walls at fast speeds.

•Webbing: Just like Spider-Man, Carnage can produce e a web like substance from his wrists which he mainly used to swing from building to building but also capable of immobilising victims.

•Camouflage: Casady has the ability to transform into any clothes he wishes at any time making it a good disguise and camouflage for him.


•Cletus is a very good hand to hand combatant just like Spider-Man. He is capable of matching both Venom and Spider-Man but is not as strong as most superheroes.

•Carnage is a very good climber being able to climb any building. He is also a very fast runner.


•Insanity: Cletus Casady even when he is not in his symbiote form is a registered psychopath who loves to exploit chaos. Many people are able to manipulate his actions.

•Sonic and heat: Like all other symbiotes of that form Carnage is weak against heat sources and sonic sounds. These can cause Carnage pain and harm.


Cletus Casady is a nihilistic yet very sadistic sociopath who has a passion for bloodlust. Casady is a huge lover of wanton bloodshed and worships any acts of violence to get it. Casady is a loner and any alliances he forms are usually short lived as most tend to end with him killing other members. Cletus Casady has also been lone to bore easily. It has been said he once formed a group of bloodthirsty supervillains to help him conquer Manhattan only to have them killed once he bored of them. There was a time when Casady had a moral repent where he decided to do good and repent all the crimes he had commited. This however would end in him feeling very humiliated. At times Carnage is very insane making him a dangerous villain and Cletus's main love is his symbiote itself.


Cletus Cassidy had a troubled childhood. He was born at the Ravencroft Institute. When he was 19 minutes old Cassidy died of a nuchal cord strangulation but he was redirected shortly after by the evil Knull who from it was believed Cletus got his bloodlust and villainous ways. As a child Cletus killed his grandmother after pushing her down a flight of stairs and he also tortured his mother's dog Fifi. After this Cletus's father killed his mother and when it came to the trial Cletus did not defend his father in any way. Now as an orphan Casady was sent to a special home for boys where his behaviour led him to much abuse from both other orphans and the staff. Casady would however get his revenge but murdering members of the disciplinarian administration, pushing a girl in front of a bus who refused a date with him and he burnt down the orphanage.

As an adult Cletus became a notorious serial killer and he was sentenced to eleven consecutive terms on Ryker's Island. An opportunity for early parole presented itself to him when his new cell mate Eddie Brock arrived. Eddie began to tell Cletus that he was the venom but he was separated from his symbiote after a battle with Spider-Man. Cletus however refused to believe that Eddie was the Venom and he believed the symbiote would rejoin together with him and he informed Eddie of his ambitions he had only to anger Eddie who started to beat Cletus. Cletus became fed up with his new cell mate and he decided to kill Eddie using a shriv he created. As he went to kill him however the black Venom symbiote came through the cell window and bonded to Brock however unknown to all was that it was pregnant and it left behind a spawn which bonded itself to Cletus and this all caused a massive jailbreak. The symbiote entered through Cassidy's cut on his hand and Cletus dubbed himself Carnage and with this his was stronger than both Venom and Spider-Man combined. Cletus as Carnage would go on a massive killing spree and claimed two victims in the prison before entering the city where he was confronted by Spider-Man but he was unable to stop Carnage so enlisted the Fantastic Four for help. Carnage would ally himself with Venom but eventually he was captured and imprisoned. Cletus Cassidy would be one of Spider-Man deadliest foes.


Cletus Cassidy is over six feet in height. He has red hair and he has blue eyes. Cletus is not muscular but of an average build. When in the form of Carnage, Cletus appears wearing a red symbiote suit just like that worn by Venom but just red in colour. Bonded to Cletus from spawn of original Venom suit. With this symbiote Cletus becomes very strong, agile and fast. He also posseses horrible sharp fangs and very sharp claws. The mask he has with this suit is also red in colour and has grey eye patches on it. Cletus also has black webs coming from his wrists. Carnage is also a character who loves anything involving bloodlust and is at times mental.

Roleplay Sample:

Cletus Cassidy was imprisoned in his cell on Ryker's Island and one day whilst sitting down Cletus is presented with a new cell mate Eddie Brock who informs him that he was the Venom but had been separated from his symbiote. "So you say you are Venom yet I do find that very hard to believe Eddie I myself believe the Venom will reunite with it's owner come the time.". He said as Eddie began getting frustrated with Cletus. Shortly after there is a small black substance coming in through the window which automatically finds Eddie transforming him and Cletus spoke to himself. "Well it is the Venom symbiote and it does appear that the Eddie was indeed Venom" He said as suddenly his body is infected with a spawn from that symbiote transforming Cletus too.

Cletus now called himself Carnage and he liked his new form. "This is perfect with this at my side I can indeed commit as many crimes as I like" He said as he broke out of the prison and began a killing spree through the city. Moments later Carnage is confronted by Spider-Man who tried to stopped this rampage Cletus was on but was not able to defeat Carnage. "You are weak Spider-Man and you should not tried to have stopped me in my quest gor now I am a little annoyed" He says as he punches Spider-Man and kicks him hard sending him flying across the ground. Carnage met his old foe Venom again but this time allied himself with Venom and together attacked the city causing Spider-Man to act fast to stop them both with the support of the Fantastic Four. Carnage was defeated and imprisoned once more. "You may have me this time Spider-Man but I will get my revenge on you"


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Cletus Cassidy// Carnage Empty Re: Cletus Cassidy// Carnage

Post by Barrier on 6/23/2019, 3:33 pm

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