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Heroes of Tomorrow: Rise of A New Generation

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Heroes of Tomorrow: Rise of A New Generation Empty Heroes of Tomorrow: Rise of A New Generation

Post by Barrier on 5/6/2018, 5:15 pm

Heroes of Tomorrow: Rise of A New Generation Heroesoftomorrowad_zpse2a3a77a
It's been fifteen years since the heroic age of superheroes and villains has begun, with that in mind, the year is currently 2027. Teams have spread out far and wide, while some have changed and others have remained the same. Many of the heroes that we know today have started to settle down, have families and or have retired. Though the new heroes are starting to look for ways to put their own marks on the world just as the other older generations had done.

But with the new generation of heroes comes the new generation of villains. Some villains of heroes past have either surrendered, given up, or gone into hiding and some even have had kids of their own to continue their legacy. Already many of these new villains have made themselves known, some even modeling after of the villains from before them and setting out to thwart the heroes of the new generation.

Heroes and villains of old now set out to mentor the newer generations. Yet even when the new generations take over there are always new troubles or those that repeat themselves. Now the question is, how will you make your mark in the world?

We are in heavy need of canon characters, characters such as the X-Men, SHIELD, and villains (Just be sure to check the bans) are still open and have yet to be claimed. You are also welcomed to make originals when you join in, we have no objections to them. Staff positions are open, but you must be active on the site for about a week and have created a character before you can apply for the positions.

Heroes of Tomorrow: Rise of A New Generation 2d8g9wp

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