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Twisted Genetics

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Twisted Genetics

Post by Barrier on May 6th 2018, 5:36 pm

Twisted Genetics[/size]
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Twisted Genetics is a mature intermediate-advanced alternative universe Marvel site currently oriented around SHIELD and superhumans/mutants being oppressed under a registration act.  Being Earth-1620, many of the well-known canons may be different from what you remmber, so feel free to shape a canon to your own desire. We are a new site and are inviting members and even potential staff to participate in the dark, gritty universe where a single mutant may possess the power to change Earth-1620 for the better.

Ever since the dawn of creation itself, survival of the fittest reigned supreme and those who were incapable of adapting to the changing times ceased to exist. Those who proved strong enough did so due to a unique mutation that allowed them to rise above their brethren and in turn, usher forth evolution. Fast forward through time, and the phenomenon entitled natural selection occurred numerous times, from the rise of Homo Sapien from Homo Erectus to the rise of the first mutant from Homo Sapien in Ancient Egypt. Darwinism still exists, though it plays a less dramatic role next to today's society. As individuals still show signs of evolution in the form of a mutant gene, abilities will often come with them. While some inherit the dormant mutant gene through genetics, others turn to science to obtain their own mutation. It is the modern day, and approximately 1 in every 15 humans possesses a mutation that differentiates them from ordinary Homo Sapien. The mutation may be as simple as heterchromia or even as complex as being able to completely re-assimilate their own genetic code into that of another entity entirely. Welcome to the bio-technological present, where mysticism constantly defies what science has defined as impossibilities. Welcome to Earth-1620.


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