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Raven Darkholme// Mystique

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Raven Darkholme// Mystique Empty Raven Darkholme// Mystique

Post by Mystique on 5/13/2019, 2:40 pm

Name: Raven Darkholme
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Codename: Mystique
Country of Origin: USA
Affiliation: Hellfire Club, formerly X-men and Brotherhood of evil mutants
Alignment: Villain

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: None
Children: Grayson Creed(son, deceased), Kurt Wagner(son), Raze Darkholme(son), Charles Xavier II(son), Gloria Brickman(daughter), Anna Marie(foster daughter)
Crush/lover: No one
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Mentor: No one
Other relatives: Christian Wagner(husband, deceased), Ralph Brickman(husband, deceased), Charles Xavier(husband, possibly bigamous), Talise Wagner(alternative reality granddaughter), Cerise Wagner(alternative reality granddaughter) and T. J. Wagner(alternative reality grandson)

Height: 5ft 10in(variable)
Weight: 54kg
Body build: Athletic
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Yellow
Face claim: Rebecca Romijn


•Mystique carries a range of variable firearms and conventional weapons.

•Mystique also carries an energy beam pistol.

•She also wears a belt that contains various skull shaped explosives.


•Metamorphic adaptation: Mystique is capable of adapting her body depending on her situation at the time.

•Enhanced physical attributes: Mystique is able to e Vance her speed, strength, agility, reflexes and senses.

•Accelerated healing: Mystique's nature allows her to repair wounds and heal from near death ones and even regenerate at a very short time period faster than that of a human.

•Toxin and disease resistance: Mystique's is capable of developing resistance to toxins and diseases.

•Retarded aging: Her metamorphic powers have degenerated the effects of aging.

•Psychic defence: Mystique's metamorphic powers have also provided her with defence against telepathic attacks.


•Covert operative: She is a skilled strategist in terrorist and commando operations.

•Mystique is also a highly trained actress.


•Multilingual: Mystique knows at least eleven languages. Amongst these are her native German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Farsi.

•Skilled combatant: Mystique is a highly skilled combatant and her skills even rival those of the Black Widow and Captain America.


•Appearance limitation: Mystique is not capable of obtaining powers of those she transforms into and she cannot alter her body to adapt to the different situations either.

•Unchangeable body mass: Mystique is capable of making herself appear exactly the same as someone else however she cannot alter her body mass to that of the person she has changed into.


Mystique has often been described as a heartless terrorist gaining this reputation from being an intense fighter for mutant rights. Many say that Mystique lives the life of a mutant outlaw, rebel and freedom fighter. She believes all mutants are opressed and hunted by mankind. She is a capable and confident leader as long as her goals are clear and her leadership not threatened and she will easily resort to different tactics. Her actions leave few friends and many enemies. She is also wanted in many countries around the world. She trusts no one and in herself she is very untrustworthy. She likes to kill and does anything to get a job done.


Little is known about Ravens past and due to the fact she can shape shifting it is not easily known how old she is. Her powers began to manifest when she was 12 years old and she had to begin to fight to survive. One day in the Mexican Sonoran desert about to be executed by firing squad due to her skin being blue in colour. Raven was blindfolded and tied to a post and as she was being tied to the post she did noticed another man tied up accused of being a horse thief. Raven was able to untie herself before they fired seeing the other man get riddled with bullets and remarkably somehow he survived. After they both escaped Raven was still surprised at how he survived and soon the pair travelled to a bar and the man introduced himself as Logan. After meeting with Logan, Raven tells him that she was leader of a group of people who scammed people in Kansas City and thought he would like to meet her friends there.

Logan agreed and together they travelled to Kansas City and Logan helped the grouo first and that is when Raven spoke to him again telling him they were planning a bank heist and she wanted his help however Logan was reluctant to get involved in such matters. Raven however talks to him and tells him it could be hard to trust people but he could trust her and the pair soon kissed and Logan reluctantly agrees. Raven however would betray her crew and Logan by alerting the police with them being caught by the police whilst she escaped with all the money. Logan however would later meet Raven on a train and asks her about why she did it. Raven informs him that they should both start their new lives and when his back was turned she kicked him off the train. Mystique would later go on to create the Brotherhood of evil mutants and she would also be very close to Magneto and she fights alongside him against the X-men and she is a good friend for him. She is a very interesting character and great at betraying people and even killing people and she often takes the form of many people.


Mystique appears as a villain and she usually appears when as Mystique with blue skin. Her eyes are yellow in colour and her hair is usually red in colour but these vary depending on if she takes the form of another character. Mystique is a character of great beauty attractive to all men. She also wears all blue clothes as Mystique but usually only on her bottom half. Here she wears a pair of skin tight tights that like everything are blue in colour. It is u known as to wether she has any clothes on her top half but her breasts can be seen and her body appears to have a scaly like texture. When in human form of Raven Darkholme she most commonly appears with blonde hair and she is very attractive. Raven is also a great mind reader at times. She can take many different disguises making her a powerful villian. Amongst her forms she has taken that of well known people and business people. She is always by the side of Magneto.

Roleplay Sample:

Mystique was with other members of the Brotherhood when she is busted by her close friend Magneto. "Erik it is nice to see you again" She said to him as he had come to speak with him about a new weapon he was planning. "Sounds brilliant Erik you know i like attacking the X-men. Shall i gain entry to their facility and discover their plans?" She said and as he nodded Mystique went and transformed herself into young Rogue who Erik had captured but the X-men did not know of.
Mystique travelled back to the X-men facility and she entered as Rogue and she travelled to their meeting.

"Sorry i am late got caught up on way here" She said as she listened to their meeting and learned of their plans for Magneto before the X-men even knew she was Mystique. She returned back to Magneto with news of the X-men plans and soon she heads of to torture the prisoner Rogue. "Hello Rogue you know it was nice to take the form of yourself and find out the plans of the X-men. Such a pity you won't be there to join them as we shall lure them here and defeat each of them one by one". She said to Rogue who was handcuffed to a chair. Mystique walked around the room before turning herself back into Rogue. "How do you like myself as you. Such a fine form I like it. Now excuse me Rogue for i must go and rejoin your X-men and plan an action against them" She said as she went behind Rogue and gagged her too. She left the room and informed Magneto of her plan.

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Raven Darkholme// Mystique Empty Re: Raven Darkholme// Mystique

Post by Barrier on 5/15/2019, 8:26 pm

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First thing welcome to the site. Now to the app your Roleplay Sample is to be 250 words you have 207 words. And your appearance could be a bit longer.

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Post by Barrier on 5/17/2019, 7:23 pm

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