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Arthur Curry// Aquaman

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Arthur Curry// Aquaman Empty Arthur Curry// Aquaman

Post by Aquaman on 5/16/2019, 11:10 pm

Name: Arthur Curry
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Codename: Aquaman
Country of Origin: USA
Affiliation: Atlantean Royal family, Aquaman family and Justice League
Alignment: Hero

Parents: Tom Curry(father, deceased) and Atlanna(mother)
Siblings: Orm(half brother) and Tula(stepsister)
Children: Garth(adoptive son)
Crush/lover: Meera(fiance)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Mentor: No one
Other relatives: Majistra(ancestor), Arion(ancestor) and Atlan(ancestor)

Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: 147kg
Body build: Muscular
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Face claim: Jason Momoa


•Shell of sounds: A gift given to him by his mother. It is a relic that can contain recorded memories of the user.

•Tenth metal armour: Like all other members of the Justice League Aquaman was gifted a suit of armour made from the specific metal itself.

•Trident of Neptune: A powerful weapon that was forged from gold by the first king of Atlantis and it was gifted to Arthur to show he belongs in the line of succession. He also uses it as a powerful weapon that can pierce sharp armour.


•Superhuman durability: Arthur has a body that is so tough and durable it can resist attack of small fire arms with just minor injuries and break the teeth of dwellers too. It is useful.

•Energy and heat resistance: Arthur has taken and he has also lived through many energy blasts in the past including being frozen.

•Superhuman senses: Aquaman possesses senses that are far more acute than those of a regular human once having heard a police siren from miles away.

•Superhuman speed: Arthur is extremely fast especially when it comes to running or swimming.

•Super-leaping: Aquaman can use his strong bodily muscles to leap himself into the air and he can also propel himself out of the water like a torpedo.

•Force fields: Thanks to his trident Arthur able to generate powerful forcefields to protect himself.

•Magic resistance: Arthur is resilient against arcane forces thanks to his dormant magic capacity.


•Politics: As a former king of Atlantis, Arthur is an expert in all political things.

•Diplomacy: Arthur is very good with diplomacy having successfully stopped two ways between Atlantis and the surface.

•Weaponry: Aquaman is highly proficient when it comes to the use of multi pronged polearms.

•Leadership: Arthur is a successful ruler of 70% of the world for most of the time.


•Multilingual: Apart from being able to speak English Arthur can also speak some Polynesian.

•Hand to hand combat expert: Arthur is highly skilled when it comes to close up combat as well as being skilled in the use of weapons.

•Arthur is also a very good swimmer.

•He can also drive any type of vehicle.


•Dehydration: Aquaman dehydrates at a rate quicker than any other human.

•Like Superman and Green Lantern, Arthur also developed a weakness for Kryptonite.

•Arthur has to come into contact with water at least once every hour or he would die.


As a young man Arthur Curry was a very social person having many friends at school. This was shattered however when his father died and Arthur fled from life and everyone he knew. As he travelled the world searching for Atlantis, Arthur began to develop a hatred for humans considering himself to be an outcast. Once in Atlantis, Arthur met with Mera and soon the pair fell in love and this made Arthur a nicer man and with Mera he became happier and always opened up to her. When he became king again Arthur became a lot more serious and found hardly any time to open up and have fun. With his dedication to Atlantis he had very little time for social life and only his old school friends and the Justice League members are his friends. Usually he is a calm and retrospective man but if provoked he could become filled with great rage.


Arthur Curry was born as the son of the Atlantean Queen Atlanna and the lighthouse keeper Tom Curry. Arthur was raised by his father as his mother Atlanna had to return to Atlantis. As a child it was clear to see that Arthur had begun to inherit the powers of his mother and his father sought the help of a scientist to better understand Arthur's abilities. During the time of Arthur graduation, the scientist Shin attempted to release all of his research he had done on Arthur to the public but Arthur's father Tom destroyed all of it leaving just a small phial that contained Arthur's blood. Soon after this Shin hired a man to tracked down the phial in the Curry household and this man was called Black Manta. He traced the phial to the Curry house and following a lot of shock and struggle Tom Curry suffered a heart attack and died and soon after Arthur hunted Black Manta down and killed him. Arthur then fled civilisation for a while until he was bought to Atlantis by his mother's royal advisor.

Arthur would go on to rule over Atlantis for a while until he decided to flee from the role and handed the throne over to his brother Orm. Arthur went on to form a team known as the Others, who were a group of outcasts who searched the world for the Dead kings Atlantean weapons. After keeping the Trident of Neptune, Arthur parted ways with the others and later he would go on to join the Justice League and it is believed sometime between parting from the Others and joining the Justice League that Aquaman met the princess Mera, who he fell in love with after she had been sent to kill him. Following his departure from Atlantis, Arthur went on to help the Justice League to defeat a group of demon like creatures that had been released into the land and together with the team he successfully helped them to defeat the creatures. He would go on to be a valuable member of the Justice League team.


Arthur Curry appears as a tall character. He is also very muscular and quite strong. He appears with very light blonde hair and he has blue eyes. Aquaman wears a costume that is has a scaly like texture just like a fish of which the top half is a yellow gold colour and the bottom half of his costume are green trousers and also green shoes. On his hands Aquaman also wears green gloves. He is always depicted as a man carrying a powerful Trident marking his status as a ruler of Atlantis. This trident is known as the Trident of Neptune which he carries with him at all times.

Roleplay Sample:

Arthur Curry had just heard of his father's death and he was determined to track down the culprit responsible for his death and he learnt that the man responsible was a man called Black Manta. Curry having located Black Manta travelled to the location and he spoke to himself. "Right now where are you?" He said to himself looking for Black Manta. Soon he notices Black Manta and soon the pair are engaged in a long battle before Curry wins and soon he is questioning Manta. "I know what you did to my father Manta but i want to know is who sent you to do was it the doctor?" He asked him having beaten Black Manta and soon after Manta have a slight nod to his question and then Curry kills him. "I thought you were friends with my father doctor but it appears not. I will find you" He said to himself as he began to gather his things together and soon after Curry returned home and soon he found himself as ruler of Atlantis.

Arthur Curry ruled for a year as ruler before he had made up his mind and he spoke to his brother Orm. "Brother i can no longer rule over Atlantis and i therefore hand you the position of king and i shall take my leave. He said to Orm. Arthur then left Atlantis and soon after he was summoned for battle by the Justice League and he met with the team on the battlefield and helped defeat the demons. "That was a tough fight and at one point looked as if we would be defeated but we all fought bravely together" Arthur later told his wife Mera upon returning home.

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Arthur Curry// Aquaman Empty Re: Arthur Curry// Aquaman

Post by Barrier on 5/22/2019, 7:50 pm

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